Unhoused Community Members to Enjoy A BBQ Lunch at Long Beach Rescue Mission

LONG BEACH-Terri Henry, of the non-profit Long Beach Food and Beverage, announced that five of the top Long Beach chefs and restaurateurs hope to provide lunch to over 250 homeless men, women, and children initiating the Long Beach Burger Week on July 27th. The event will be hosted by the non-profit and held from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Long Beach Rescue Mission on 1335 Pacific Ave., Long Beach.

To ensure the safety of those being served, meals will be packaged to-go and delivered to guests waiting outside of the Long Beach Rescue Mission.

“We realize that there are many among us who won’t get the chance to dine out during Burger Week, said Henry. 

“Serving a burger BBQ-style meal to our neighbors struggling with homelessness is our way of bringing Burger Week to them and including everyone in the event,” Henry said.

There will be around 40 restaurants taking part in the week-long event from Aug. 1-8.

The food that is being provided will be prepared by various representatives; including burgers from Harris Ranch Beef, coleslaw from Derricks on Atlantic, baked beans from Gone Loco food truck, potato salad from Northtown Bistro, and pie shooters from Polly’s Pies.

“The participating chefs felt this was a great way to give back to the community doing what we do best,” Vida Virgillito, owner of Gone Loco food truck, said. “Cooking with love!”
If you’d like to find ways to support the Long Beach Rescue Mission and the many people they help, check out lbrm.org.


Jess Gutierrez