Pop-up roller rink skates into Long Beach

Long Beach is an active city and a new way to stay active is now here – Pigeon’s Roller Rink opened on September 18.

Pigeon’s Roller Rink is a pop-up roller skate venue that will remain open until December 31st and is located at the 2nd and PCH shopping center.

Shayna Pigeon Meikle founded Pigeon’s Roller Skate Shop in 2013. She left her teaching career to become a full-time roller skater and sports league owner which ultimately led to her founding the Beach Cities Roller Derby in 2012. Now, she owns Pigeon’s Roller Skate Shop in Long Beach.

“The ultimate goal for my company is to help excel the industry of roller skating so that in 20 years there are over 100,000 people making a living off of this sport. Like skateboarding.  My company is just a piece in the larger puzzle and I hope to help inspire the larger goal of everyone winning,” said Meikle.

Long Beach is an active city and a roller rink fits right in. Pigeon’s Roller Rink offers classes, public skate sessions, and private parties so there is something for everyone to give a whirl.

She described the pop-up roller rink as an open-air venue in the middle of a beautiful outdoor mall with family-friendly music, friendly staff with resources available, and a fun time.

More information about Pigeon’s Roller Skates can be found here. 

By Casey N. Wilson

IG: _caseynwilson

Photo Credit: Zoom Theory