Non-profit organization activates policy to combat homelessness in Long Beach

Everyone In is a non-profit organization powered by United Way that helps advocate for and identify people and policies to combat homelessness in the city of Long Beach. Their mission is predicated on affordable homes, education, and activation. 

They also aid the affected by directing them to the most appropriate services in their area. The goal of Everyone In is to find a long-term solution to a systemic issue that includes not only homelessness but also racism and unequal access to resources

“The level of negative discourse and conversations around homelessness,” stated Everyone In’s Director of Organizing, Mike Dennis. He proceeded to share his concern about the level of disrespect surrounding homelessness, as well as how entrenched individuals are in their beliefs about the reasons for unhoused people.

This organization hopes to create and organize more workshops and civil engagements, as well as to focus on identifying people in the middle that are unhoused. 

In a diverse city such as Long Beach with high rent, gentrification, and social inequality, a community-based organization like Everyone In. This organization is essential, therefore spreading the word is crucial. They also seek to educate people on the misconception about homelessness and address the underlying cause.

If you would like to join the coalition and be a part of the change in the city of Long Beach, more information about Everyone In visit here.

By Dayna Hernandez

Photo Credit: @everyoneinlb

IG: day.naaah