Confidential Coffee: a distinctive blend of heritage and flavor in downtown LB

Confidential Coffee has just celebrated its third birthday in the heart of downtown Long Beach. 

Upon walking in, there is a myriad of potted plants and art, including works of Frida Kahlo and Chadwick Boseman’ on the walls. The interior is spacious and looking closer, a visitor will find board games lying about and a collection of books for the customers to browse through. Smack dab in the middle of the shop there’s a chalkboard pillar that allows guests to express their creative freedoms. 

The drinks derive from Mexican culture as an homage to the owner’s heritage. Two favorites amongst regulars are the Mazapan latte, which is inspired by the De La Rosa candy, and the Cajeta sauce, made with Mexican semi-sweet caramel. Confidential has also recently released a specialty menu just for the dogs that stop in with their owners. 

“People come for the coffee and stay for the atmosphere,” said Denise Maldonaldo, the owner of the shop. 

She described her creative vision for the shop as a sort of self-expression- all of her favorite colors having been painted around the walls and the addition of potted plants to add liveliness. 

“We create a whole experience with our drinks, and it’s a family bond here. We’ve all been together through so many things, through the ups and downs. I know the customers by name and they know us by name. It’s a whole family not just amongst us but also our customer base,” said Maldonaldo. 

Prior to opening up the shop, Maldonaldo had been working with coffee for ten years. 

“I want to create a middle ground for those who don’t know as much about coffee and those who are very knowledgeable. I’m always trying to find more ways to be inclusive and bring in more people,” said Maldonaldo

 “I come for the good coffee and it’s right in my neighborhood. Inside it is like a modern/loft style with the Frida painting and the wooden tables. I just love it. The music is nice, and it’s beautiful,” said Alena K, a frequent customer.

Confidential Coffee is currently working towards the addition of beer and wine on its menu. 

Check the shop out at 137 W. 6th St, Long Beach, CA 90802

By Mary Wurthman