CSU Long Beach Starts Off New Semester with Virtual Instruction

The California State University of Long Beach has decided the first two weeks of the Spring 2022 semester will be offered as remote instruction.

CSU Long Beach released this statement on Jan. 6, almost two weeks before the semester begins on Jan. 20. It is expected that most face-to-face instruction will begin on Feb. 7.

“The safety of our community has always been our chief concern throughout the pandemic. Delayed in-person instruction was not what we had intended for this spring, but the rise of the Omicron variant warrants this adjustment. Among the lessons of the pandemic is continued flexibility, and we will monitor prevailing conditions and public health recommendations over the coming weeks,” said President Jane Conoley in an email that went out to students on Wed.

On-campus services such as the University Student Union, University Library, University Bookstore, the Horn Center, and Student Health Services will still be open with all COVID-19 safety guidelines. Other parts of campus, including spectators at athletic events and audiences for performing arts, may face short-term changes.

Eight other California State Universities have announced delays for in-person classes.

The university’s complete list of COVID-19 safety guidelines can be found here. 

Long Beach Local News is following this story and will update the public with any additional information as it becomes available.

By Casey N. Wilson