Long Beach City Councilwoman Suzie Aramesh Price Launches Campaign For Mayor

District 3 Councilwoman Suzie Price has announced her campaign for Long Beach Mayor.

LONG BEACH – Long Beach City Councilwoman Suzie Aramesh Price recently launched her campaign to succeed outgoing Mayor Robert Garcia. Price, who has defined her tenure on the City Council by working across divisions to build a functioning and competent city government focused on quality of life issues for all Long Beach residents.

“For over thirty years, I have been proud to call Long Beach my home,” said Price. “As a City Councilwoman, I have always focused on delivering for Long Beach Residents, not delivering big speeches. We all believe that Long Beach can truly be a great city, but if we are to achieve our promise, we must have a City Hall that works. 

As a mother, the health of schools, parks, environment, and neighborhoods is personal for me. As a local small business owner, I understand the challenges of what it takes to keep your doors open, and the need to maintain a strong economy. As a Prosecutor, I know how effective criminal justice reform is needed, and how everyone deserves safe streets, parks, sidewalks, and buses, no matter what neighborhood they live in. And like every Long Beach resident, I know first hand the failure to address homelessness.

This path for me began when parents like me wanted a crosswalk and we couldn’t get City Hall to listen. So I ran for City Council and made it happen. As Mayor, I will leave the grandiosity and empty promises to politicians. Moms don’t have time for fluffy talk and Long Beach doesn’t have time for a Mayor who sees this as a political stepping stone. I’m focused on fixing and leading our City agencies to improve our infrastructure, build more housing, strengthen our economy, and tackle crime and public safety. I look forward to going to every district, every neighborhood, every community and bringing their voices to the Mayor’s office with me.”

Mom, Councilwoman, Small Business Owner, and Prosecutor, Suzie Aramesh Price was raised by a single mother. Born in North Carolina, Suzie moved to Iran with her parents when she was a baby and fled the country with her mother when she was 7 years old. Like so many others, she and her mother were looking for freedom and opportunity. She learned how to speak English as she completed her primary education and went on to obtain a BA and MA in Public Policy and Administration from CSULB. She earned her JD from Santa Clara Law School in 1999. Her mother worked as a nurse in public schools for 40 years. Suzie and her husband Mark, a military veteran, have lived in Long Beach for 20 years where they are raising their two boys and own a small business. 

Elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018, Price was the first Democrat elected to Council District 3 in 42 years. In a district where democrats comprise only 48% of the voting population, Councilwoman Price has been able to consistently draw crossover appeal by working across the aisle to achieve results in City Hall. As a result, Suzie won both of her council elections outright with 55% in her first election and a staggering 78% of the overall vote for her re-elect.

On the City Council, Suzie has worked across district lines to focus on homelssenss, public safety, street repair, infrastructure investment, improving and expanding our green spaces, and ensuring Long Beach remains a place where you can afford to buy a home and start a business. 

As a small business owner and mom, Suzie has built an ironclad reputation as a strong advocate for policies that foster full participation of women in Long Beach’s economy. From the availability, accessibility, of family planning, child care, elder care policies, to ensuring harassment free workplaces. Long Beach is ready for a woman Mayor who will foster meaningful coalitions and look past partisanship and ideology by leading a competent and functional city government that’s focused on achieving results and addressing the real challenges Long Beach residents face.

For more information on Councilwoman Price, visit https://suzieprice4mayor.com/.