Yoga On The Bluff Offers Community Classes Open To All

Yoga On The Bluff is a community yoga experience located at Bluff Park on Ocean Blvd and Junipero Ave that is offered for free, seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 12 pm.  

Dharma Shakti was a yoga instructor in 2007, with a few friends that could not afford yoga in a traditional studio. She decided to teach a free class at Bluff Park.

“It started off as a few friends, but little by little, the word was being spread and that’s how it came to be known as Yoga On The Bluff,” said Shakti. 

Classes started out once a week but with more demand, Shakti added more days until the seven days a week schedule was formed.  Throughout the next 15 years, this small circle of friends had turned into hundreds of people heading to Bluff Park for free yoga every day.  During Spring and Summer up until Fall, 6 p.m. classes are available from Monday through Friday.

With this busy schedule, Shakti has brought in 10 other certified yoga instructors to lead classes on different days. 

The general community of participants of Yoga On The Bluff has been positive throughout the years, with many expressing their appreciation.  As each year passes on, it is common for yoga goers to stop Shakti on the street exclaiming, ‘there’s that yoga lady!’

Juan Rivera, who has made frequent appearances practicing yoga, has stated that,

“I usually passed Yoga On The Bluff driving by and built the courage to try it,” exclaimed Rivera.

“After the first class, I felt welcomed and couldn’t wait to come back.”

What Yoga On The Bluff seems to provide is a strong sense of community in which anyone can try and participate.  Shakti has seen this sense of community grow and welcomes both beginners and well-seasoned yoga enthusiasts to attend these classes.

Along with Yoga On The Bluff, there are vendors that come every day and provide services and goods such as massages, jewelry, and coconut water for either donations or fixed prices. 

One vendor, in particular, sells Coconut Water labeled Coconut Tabs for a non-profit organization called New Life Beginnings. The proceeds of this water go to a homeless women’s shelter on Sixth St and Alamitos Ave. for items such as diapers for children and other helpful items. 

Angela Younger, who is a volunteer for the organization, welcomes regulars and the community aspect. 

“After yoga is over, everybody hangs out and you just end up making friends,” said Young. To get more information on Yoga On The Bluff or to see a schedule of when each instructor conducts classes, visit

By Nick Vargas

Photo Credit: Yoga on the Bluff