Experience History Through Historical Long Beach Sites

With spring here and summer just around the corner, there are many things to do for families or just anybody looking for a sweet escape. Such as, a glimpse of Long Beach history through the eyes of gardens that leave you with awe of nature’s beauty.

Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Ranch and Gardens located at 6400 E. Bixby Hill Rd, is a 7 1/2 acres with a Spanish Colonial architectural style built between 1800 and 1834. See the historic through gardens, a restored barnyard of the early 20th century and a ranch house. Rancho Los Alamitos offers tours from 1-4pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays by reservation. Email info@rancholosalamitos.org, Call (562) 431-3541 for reservations. 

Another fun place to visit is the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden located on the campus of Cal State Long Beach, you can find colorful blooms throughout different seasons and experience art and culture as you walk through a Zen Garden, a tea house and get up close to feed Koi fish. Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden will be hosting an Iris Blossom Festival event on Saturday, May 7 from 1-3pm. It is a free event with fun family activities to celebrate the Iris Blossom Festival and Children’s Day. 

Rancho Los Cerritos is another historic beauty located at 4600 Virginia road behind the Virginia Country Club. It is a 4.7-acresite built in 1844, with a history of Spanish, Mexican and Mexican American. Visitors can reflect on the cultural changes between different periods. There are tours available to see what life was like when the adobe house was inhabited from the 1840s to the 1930s, gardens with tress planted from the mid-19thcentury.

Looking for a more human to nature connection? Visit El Dorado Nature center, with two lakes, streams and one-to-two-mile dirt trails. Did you know this land has passed through so many hands? this Historical site was once part of the larger Rancho Los Alamitos and it made much of the city of Long Beach alongside Rancho Los Cerritos. The Bixby family were owners in 1881 and then was sold to the City of Long Beach in 1968! The 105 acres provides sanctuary for plants and wildlife. There are many things to see during your walk from turtles to snakes crossing the path. On your way back you can stop by the visitor center, containing educational displays, and an artgallery. El Dorado Nature Center is located at 7550 E. Spring St. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the National Park in Bixby knollslocated at the corner of Long Beach Blvd and Roosevelt. This small national park was once an empty property owned by the city and now created into a small park built by the Bixby Knolls business association. Kids can have fun through Imaginative play and see creatures like big foot! Deer’s and even gnomes. A great way to boost their creativity and keep them active. This park contains unique features as well as a Long Beach Transit Bus Bench customized into “logs” to give it a log bench look for visitors to rest and return to wildlife.

By Karina M.