Inaugural Sea Change Festival To Be Held This Weekend

The Surfrider Foundation has teamed up with Kilroy Realty Corporation to put on their first sustainability event, the Sea Change Festival, this weekend.

The Sea Change Festival will be held beachside on Saturday, July 16, from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at 79 Claremont Place, and aims to bring awareness to sustainability efforts in order to care for our oceans. 

Events to take place during the festival include Olympic hopeful athlete appearances, a community beach clean-up, live music, the US Open Sailing kiteboarding regatta, giveaways, live art installations, professional sandcastle building, and more. All proceeds from the raffle sales that include known names like Faherty, Gill, Quicksilver, Yeti, and more, will go towards The Surfrider Foundation; a grassroots non-profit environmental organization that aims to protect and preserve the world’s oceans. 

This festival hopes to make an impact in promoting sustainability during the coinciding West Marine US Open Sailing Series’ Long Beach race weekend which will be taking place from July 15 to 17. Attending the festival will give guests a full beachside prime view of the high-speed action of the Formula Kiteboarding and Kite Foil portions of the West Marine US Open regatta.

In addition to spreading awareness on sustainability, Kilroy is also aiming to amplify positive community impact and participation while supporting the athletes in their pursuit of excellence on the international stage. 

Families, locals, and those of all ages are welcome to participate in the event, with all activities hosted by sustainably minded brands. To find out more and reserve free tickets, visit their webpage here

Pollution in our oceans can bring great harm to wildlife and humans. The two main pollutants our oceans face today are chemicals and trash. These dangers are only rising and it is imperative to begin to make changes for the health of our oceans, and humanity itself.

It may seem difficult to tackle the problem of ocean pollution by oneself, but if everyone does their part to aid in the healing of our oceans it can be possible. It is never too late to start! 

According to Oceana, another non-profit ocean conservation organization, here are some manageable lifestyle choices to implement in your everyday routine to help save the seas. 

  1. Request plastic-free alternatives
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint
  3. Avoid ocean-harming foods
  4. Eat sustainable foods
  5. Vote on ocean issues – Elect public officials who support good ocean policies.
  6. Contact your representative and lawmakers 
  7. Explore the oceans
  8. Leave nothing behind

By: Linda Mai

Photo provided by Sea Change Festival