The California Dental Association Foundation Hosting Free Dental Clinic in LB

The California Dental Association Foundation will be hosting a free dental clinic for California residents in need who do not have dental insurance this Saturday, August 13.

Many dental services such as; cleanings, extractions, fillings, and general oral health education will be available and given by dentists and dental professionals. 

One of these dentists is Dr. John Blake, director of the Children’s Dental Health Clinic. Blake is also the organizer of the upcoming clinic. 

“Oral health is kind of the pathway to physical health. Proper oral health can ward off many diseases that can often start in the mouth, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other things,” said Blake.

Healthy dentition is pivotal for improving and maintaining an individual’s overall health, but many people do not possess the financial resources needed to keep up their oral wellness. 

Around 5.2 million California residents do not have dental insurance. It can be extremely difficult and expensive for these people to have access to crucial dental care. Therefore, these free clinics are very important and impactful for those who need oral procedures but struggle to afford them.

If interested in helping support these events, individuals are encouraged to volunteer. The volunteer application can be found here.

“Our volunteers are our biggest cheerleaders and help in these events. And for anyone else, I think it’s really just awareness in the community,” said Blake.

In regards to future clinic events, Blake explained that COVID-19 has put larger clinics on hold. “For now, we’ve been doing smaller targeted events. I’d love to get back to delivering more care, but at this time, we are just working on the smaller events until we’re out of the pandemic.”

In order to receive treatments on August 13, patients must make an appointment in advance by calling 916-554-5923. No treatments will be available for those who try to schedule a day-of appointment, and no waiting lines will be allowed on site. 

COVID-19 precautions will be taken before each procedure. All patients will be rapidly tested for COVID-19 before receiving treatment, regardless of if they are vaccinated or not. 

It is recommended that patients bring a full list of their prescriptions to the clinic, and applicants should understand that uncontrolled blood pressure or diabetes could prevent them from receiving care.

The clinic will be at the Children’s Dental Health Clinic located at 455 E. Columbia Street.

More information regarding the event and the CDA Foundation can be found here.