Long Beach Opens Inflatable Aquatic Playgrounds for Summer Fun

The City of Long Beach is set to unveil the popular inflatable “Wibit” aquatic playgrounds at Alamitos Beach and Bay Shore Avenue on Friday, June 14, 2024. These attractions promise free, family-friendly fun and active water play for residents and visitors throughout the summer, ending on Monday, September 2.

“These waterplay structures have enhanced recreation at our City beaches for kids and the entire family to enjoy,” said Mayor Rex Richardson. “I am excited to welcome Long Beach’s aquatic playgrounds back again this year to provide residents with free and fun water activities over the summer.”

The Alamitos Beach Wibit, situated south of Ocean Boulevard and east of Shoreline Drive, boasts a variety of floating play structures, including springboards, bouncers, monkey bars, and other elements designed to promote water play. Similarly, the Bay Shore Avenue Wibit, located at 5415 East Ocean Blvd., features climbing structures, bouncers, and domes.

“Residents have been waiting for the return of these fun floating structures at Alamitos Beach all year,” said Vice Mayor and Second District Councilwoman Cindy Allen. “I’m glad they are back for the summer, and I look forward to seeing residents and visitors climbing, jumping, and having a blast in the water. I’ll be out there, and I hope to see everyone else too!”

Third District Councilmember Kristina Duggan highlighted the appeal of the Bay Shore Wibit. “The Bay Shore Wibit draws residents and visitors to Alamitos Bay and offers families free summertime fun on these great floating playgrounds. This is another enhancement to Alamitos Bay that residents can enjoy along with a new concession stand, swim ladders, and swim distance buoy markings.”

The Wibits will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., supervised by Long Beach Lifeguards. The following rules apply to all participants:

  • All participants (adults and children) must pass a swim test before accessing the waterplay features.
  • Each child under 9 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Life jackets and personal flotation devices are not permitted while using waterplay features.

The City advises caution, noting that aquatic-based recreation is inherently dangerous. Users are encouraged to follow all posted rules. Lifeguards may not always be on duty if they are called away for emergencies.

For more information, visit longbeach.gov/park/marine/ or call 562.570.3233.