Update: Major Power Outage Downtown Long Beach

SCE power outage downtown lb SCE power outage downtown lb manhole SCE power outage downtown lb manhole cover SCE power outage downtown long beach crew working on manholeSCE is working to restore power in downtown Long Beach. At 10:00 am, power will be temporarily shut down in a large area of Long Beach. The temporary outage will impact Cherry to the East, Willow to the North, 710 to the West, and Shoreline to the South.
· The temporary shut down should last 30 minutes or less.
· SCE will be testing the underground system in the area this morning, and outages may be experienced during this testing. This is very similar to resetting a circuit breaker at your home; it must be turned off and then turned on again.
· During that time, please stay out of elevators.
· Traffic signals may not function; please approach intersections with caution. Please treat traffic lights as a four way stop.
· Pedestrians please exercise caution.
· After the conclusion of the temporary outage, power should be restored to the majority of the affected area.
· SCE is working to isolate the incidents to reduce the number of impacted residents and businesses and begin repairs.
· The situation remains fluid, and updates will be provided. Please follow @LongBeachCity and @SCE on Twitter. #lbpwrout #LBLN