East Long Beach Residents Start Change.Org Petition to Remove Bollards along Studebaker Road

Image of Bollards on Studebaker Rd

Long Beach, CA

Community members in the 5th District of East Long Beach have filed a Change.org petition in an effort to remove newly installed bollards placed along Studebaker Road citing many troubling issues found with them.

These issues include:

  • Visually unappealing
  • Potential reduction to property value
  • Distraction for drivers
  • Difficulty for emergency vehicles to pass
  • Slow collection of leaves by the street sweeper
  • Concern for expansion of the bollards past El Dorado Park

As of this time, the petition has been signed by 92 people and will be delivered to the Mayor and City Council members for their consideration.

For more information on this petition, please click here.