Should The Voting Age Be Lowered in Long Beach from 18 to 17?

Long Beach, CA

Think the possibility of lowering the voter age from 18 to 17 in Long Beach is impossible?  Think again.  This very question will be discussed at the City of Long Beach Elections Oversight Committee at their upcoming meeting tomorrow night on Tuesday March 14th.  The Elections Oversight Committee is made up three council members:

Jeannine Pearce District 2  –  Chair
Dee Andrews District 6  – Vice Chair
Daryl Supernaw District 4  –  Member

According to the agenda published here, the recommendation is to “receive and file a presentation on lowering the voter age in Long Beach to 17.”

This move comes as at the statewide level, there is a proposal to put in a Constitutional Amendment in California that would lower the voting age across the state from 18 to 17. So what do you think Long Beach, should the voting age be lowered to Age 17? 

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