The May Day Long Beach coalition Demands Long Beach Become a Sanctuary City For All

Picture of marchers as shown on MayDayLongBeach website.

Long Beach, CA

A coalition group that calls itself May Day Long Beach is marching on May 1st at MacArthur Park from 5PM to 8PM to demand that Long Beach become a Sanctuary City.

The group which advocates for building a mass movement of working class communities within Long Beach standing together for justice and equity, is made up of a coalition of 19 community organizations which include:

California Faculty Association
Clergy Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE)
Coalition for Latino Advancement at LBCC
Filipino Migrant Center
Gabriela Los Angeles
Greater Interfaith Community Organization (ICO)
Justice for Port Truck Drivers Campaign
LAANE – Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
LiBRE – Long Beach Residents Empowered
Little Brown Church
Long Beach Area Peace Network
Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs & a Healthy Community
Long Beach G.R.R.R.L. Collective
Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition
Palestinian Youth Movement
Semillas de Esperanza
Stop Fracking Long Beach

The coalition group states, ” We the May Day Long Beach Coalition demand all Long Beach city leaders make Long Beach a Sanctuary City and protect undocumented immigrants from ICE and deportation. We also call on the City of Long Beach to provide sanctuary and protection for all People of color, Muslims, Women, LGBTQ, and other communities under attack by the Trump administration and groups that promote hate and discrimination.”

For more information on May Day Long Beach, click here.