Enhancements Coming to Central Long Beach Rebranded as Midtown

Central Long Beach, CA

Advocates for improving Central Long Beach otherwise known as “Midtown” will be getting to see long awaited changes soon.  The Midtown Specific Plan adopted by Long Beach City Council in June of 2016 sets forth a strategic path for achieving a vision of enhanced walkability, improved mobility options for bicycles and transit riders, and new development and housing opportunities along the Long Beach Boulevard corridor.

“The Midtown area is a critical part of the overall fabric of our City,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “The Plan provides a framework and guiding principles for development and revitalization along Long Beach Boulevard that supports a more sustainable future for residents, the economy, and the environment.”

Underutilized properties along this prime transit corridor present an opportunity for the City of Long Beach to develop a mixture of parks, businesses, and transit-oriented development and housing options that could stimulate reinvestment, promote healthy living options, and enhance the public realm. Affordable housing developments like the Long Beach and 21st Apartments and Long Beach and Burnett Apartments have been put in place to offer affordable housing options in Central Long Beach otherwise known as Midtown.

“Midtown is ready to move forward with this transformation,” said Councilmember Dee Andrews. “This significant undertaking will benefit the community-at-large by promoting vitality throughout our neighborhoods and supporting greater urban amenities, making Midtown an early leader in multi-modal transportation practices.”

For more information or to view the Midtown Plan, click here.