Opinion Editorial – Why Did Councilwoman Pearce Leave the Council Chambers Before Being Addressed By the Public on Alleged DUI and Domestic Violence with Her Former Chief of Staff?

Opinion Editorial By Rachel Gunther 

What is Councilmember Pearce hiding and where did our values go as a community and city?   Last night, as part of public comment at City Council Chambers, I tried to address Mrs. Pearce on the reason why there is no transparency from her and the city on these troubling and egregious events.   I stated:

“Good evening ladies and gentleman.  Mr. Mayor Garcia and esteemed Councilmembers, my name is Rachel Gunther, and I live in the El Dorado Park Estates area of Long Beach.  I know governing can be tough and I applaud the work that you do to make our city become more livable, and I’m absolutely besides myself on this scandal and potential cover up that the Grunion, Beachcomber, and other papers have reported on.  What goes on in your personal lives is your business but when you bring it out into the public realm, it’s beyond reproach.  There are many allegations and holes in what the citizens of Long Beach have been told.  Government officials do not get to have special rights that citizens are not afforded.

We demand to open up a full scale investigation on all the matters related on all this surrounding Councilmember Pearce, it looks like she’s not here, and including the role of her Chief of Staff Devin Cotter that has played in this role.  There should never be a perception of special VIP treatment of our elected officials, and until she is proven to have not damaged the integrity of the office, she should be immediately removed from her position.”

There are many questions.  There is an effort ongoing to find out the truth.


Jeannine Pearce responded by saying she left the Council Meeting early to attend to her sick daughter.  The time she left was during public comment period before Rachel Gunther spoke.

This story is updated to reflect Jeannine Pearce’s response