Resident Opposition to Three-Term Limit Expansion Charter Amendment, Measure BBB, Formed

Long Beach, CA

Two Political Action Committees have formed to oppose Mayor Garcia’s Measure BBB.  They are Long Beach Reform Coalition and Open Up Long Beach.

Long Beach Reform Coalition is made up of eight coalition groups with individual advocates throughout the city soon to be announced.  These groups include:

  • CARP (Citizens About Responsible Planning)
  • CONO (Council of Neighborhood Organizations)
  • Eastside Voice
  • LACAN (Los Altos Center Adjacent Neighborhoods)
  • Long Beach Neighborhoods First
  • Long Beach Taxpayers Association
  • People of Long Beach

Open Up Long Beach was created by former 5th District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske whose mission according to their website is “to ensure that individuals and interest groups in Long Beach have a fair and equal opportunity to participate in municipal elective and governmental processes.” and “to reduce the influence of large contributors with a specific financial stake in matters before the City Council.”

Measure BBB named by proponents as the City of Long Beach Three-Term Limit on Mayoral and City Council Charter Amendment has run into some controversy as local residents who showed up on August 7th to oppose this and other charter amendments voted to be placed on the ballot cited the $600,000 cost to do so and that the measure appears to be self serving.

Currently the Mayor and City Council are allowed to serve two terms with a write in option for a third term.  This charter amendment would expand term limits to three terms totaling 12 years in office.

This story is developing…