Long Beach City Council to possibly ban travel with city funds and economic sanctions on AL and GA

Today Long Beach City Council may consider banning travel to Alabama and Georgia due to their most recent anti-abortion laws. Long Beach along with Los Angeles are the first two cities to consider this restriction for at least a temporary time of one year or until the law has been lifted. 

The decision began after a dismaying law passed in AL and GA to penalize & deprive women of their right to abortion. The law caused distress to many people throughout the US in which many believed the law violated women’s rights. 

Long Beach council members are in disagreement with the law, and are ready to assemble a resolution that may restrict city funds for traveling to Alabama & Georgia until the law is officially revoked by the courts. The movement will also include stopping any contracts business related, although it is not certain as of now if there are any business related connections to those states.

Alondra Villa