LBRC To Unveil the ‘Long Beach Reform Ticket’ and ‘Long Beach Reform Pledge’ for 2020

This Wednesday evening, the Long Beach Reform Coalition will host a kick-off event for the 2020 municipal elections and what we are calling the ‘Long Beach Reform Ticket’. The concept of the ‘ticket’ will emphasize the parallel nature of the reform candidacies of our two board members who chose earlier this year to run for office. By their separate campaigns, they each reinforce one another and carry forward the mantle of the local reform movement: Juan Ovalle, District 8 city council candidate and co- founder of LBRC member organization People of Long Beach, and Robert Fox, District 2 city council candidate and executive director of LBRC member organization the Council of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO). 

At the event, our two officially endorsed Long Beach Reform Ticket candidates will discuss their reasons for helping to establish LBRC last year, the reasons they decided to personally enter the fray and run for office, and they each will sign The Reform Pledge. 

The Long Beach Reform Pledge will consist of a series of local government reform policies for which the candidates promise to advocate on city council if elected, including campaign finance reforms, restoration of a process for the public to agendize council items, a clear public vote on term limits, absolute opposition to the use of public funds for political advocacy (veiled or otherwise), officeholder account reform, and greater transparency by elected officials. 

What: LBRC’s Long Beach Reform Ticket Kick Off 

When: Wed., October 16, 2019, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Where: Rec Park 18 – Banquet Hall, 5001 Deukmejian Dr., Long Beach, CA