1st District Council Office, Mikhuna Sponsor “Trucks-Giving” at 14th St

In an event dubbed Long Beach’s first-ever “Trucks-Giving,” more than a dozen food trucks from around Los Angeles County will serve free meals to people experiencing homelessness, and also sell meals to the general public, with proceeds benefiting the Mayor’s Fund to End Homelessness. The event takes place Thursday, November 21 from 5-8 pm at the 14th Street Park, between Pacific and Chestnut Avenues.

Outreach workers from the City’s Multi-Service Center and from Mental Health America Los Angeles will be present to assist people who may need services, and hygiene kits and articles of clothing will be provided to people who need them. There will be tables and chairs in the park, where people can enjoy their meals, and a DJ will provide music.

Source: yelp.com

The event is the brainchild of Karla Flores, owner of Mikhuna Peruvian cuisine food truck.

“It is our duty and our pleasure to support the most vulnerable among us in any way that we can,” said Ms.  Flores. “It is our hope that many other residents in the city will try to do the same.”

The First District Council Office is also sponsoring the event.

“We are extremely thankful to Karla and to all the food truck owners for their incredible generosity,” said Daniel Brezenoff, First District Administrator. “I want to encourage everyone to come out and support this event. It’s a chance not only to help combat homelessness but also to build community and goodwill – and enjoy a really great meal.”

Free meal tickets for those experiencing homelessness will be given distributed at local social service organizations.

Tickets for the meals can be purchased at the event with cash, credit, or ATM card.

The Mayor’s Fund to End Homelessness is managed by the Long Beach Community Foundation and supports prevention and family reunification efforts.