World Kindness Day – 5 Ways to Contribute to the LB Community and 2 Locals Share their Stories

Today is National World Kindness Day and Long Beach is filled with people who want to make the world a better place. We have two examples of Long Beach residents who have made a positive difference in other’s lives.


Brenda Estrada was visiting Goodwill in Long Beach on PCH when she noticed a woman laying on the floor. Estrada had been CPR certified for 25 years and this was the first time she ever had to use her skills. She checked the woman’s pulse and noticed that it was very low and that she was not breathing. Estrada performed chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth until the paramedics arrived. “I am thankful to have been there to help.”

Source: Susanna Diaz

Susanna Diaz and her fiancee, Jerry Doctolero, wanted to give back to others this holiday season. Their idea is to collect donations for ‘blessing bags’ to be distributed to the homeless or less fortunate. For donations, they simply suggest buying basic supplies such as chapstick and gloves from the Dollar Tree. Donations are accepted until Dec. 14. “Long Beach has been our home since the day we were born, it’s important for us to make sure we are taking care of our home and the people who live here,” said Diaz.

Source: Susanna Diaz

If you’re interested in donating time or money to charities, take a look at these programs.

Long Beach Animal Care Services – Long Beach Animal Care Services is an animal shelter that will take in strays and if necessary, nurse them back to health so they can find a forever home. They offer a pet literacy program where 15-year-olds and above (younger if accompanied by an adult) are encouraged to spend time with animals while reading out loud. The Explorer Academy is for those between the ages of 15 and 20 who will learn how to rescue and handle a variety of animals including domestic, horses and reptiles. The High School Service Learners and Volunteers are encouraged to assist in the kennels and the Rescue Partners program is for adults that are willing to socialize with animals. 

Long Beach Public Library – All twelve locations host volunteer programs; the Adult Literacy Program, Center for Adaptive Technology, Veterans Resource Center and Service Learning Volunteer Program. Those interested are encouraged to download the application form and email, mail or drop it off in person at any of the libraries. Applications can be found here.


Long Beach Memorial Medical Care – Long Beach Memorial Care centers rely on volunteers to help out in a variety of ways. They have over 600 volunteers who do anything from cuddling babies to guest greeting and messaging. There are both teen and adult opportunities in units such as Acute Rehabilitation and Inpatient Acute Care Unit, Cardiac Monitor Unit, Diabetes program, Emergency Department, Family Liaison Outpatient Surgery, Family Medicine, Labor and Delivery, Mother/Baby Escort, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Patient Relations, Pet Therapy, Service Support, and Todd Cancer Pavilion.

Long Beach Ronald McDonald House – The Ronald McDonald House provides housing for families with children that are in the hospital so everyone can stay together during a trying time. People can volunteer individually, in a group, as a youth or as a corporation. Duties generally include light house-keeping, administrative work and participating in various activities for those that are staying at the house. More information can be found here

Women’s Shelter of Long Beach helps women in domestic violence situations by providing emergency housing, a domestic violence resource center, family services, and children and youth services. They are also open to male and LGBTQ+ victims. There are volunteer programs to help adults and children as well as administrative work and outreach and development opportunities. 

If you felt inspired by any of our local heroes mentioned in this article and would like to share your acts of kindness, comment in our posts on Instagram and Facebook. Your acts of kindness in the community matter to us all and even just a little goes noticed.