The Breakfast Bar combines two of the best things, breakfast and happy hour

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Many say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, for Pam and Josh Beadel, Breakfast is one of the most important parts of their life.

 “We basically combined our two favorite meals of the day, which is breakfast and happy hour, so that’s where this creation came from,” said Pam Beadel, owner of the Breakfast Bar.

Six years ago, the couple decided to open up “The Breakfast Bar” off Atlantic and First Street in Downtown Long Beach. The restaurant welcomes early risers by opening up at 6 am and offering their “Walk of Shame” menu which is a fun morning twist to an evening “happy hour.” 

“We’re definitely known for curing hangovers here at the breakfast bar,” says Josh Beadel. 

And not only will you spot “day-drinkers” at the Breakfast Bar, but the restaurant has also amassed a number of regulars, attracts college students, and nurses and first-responders just getting off a graveyard shift. 

Family is ingrained in every thread of the restaurant. The kitchen and wait staff can be seen singing and smiling, the way siblings would. Beadel says his young daughter will usually help with hosting duties on the weekends, and mentions “she’s pretty good at it.” 

“We have two little kids and so the breakfast seemed to make sense with their schedule too,” says Pam. 

The high-school-sweethearts gathered inspiration for their popular plates like “Uncle Marcee’s Omelet Casserole”, “Papa Joe”, and their “Potato Pancakes” from close friends and family members.

“My mom would do cheesy potatoes for the holiday and the next day we would take the leftovers and make potato pancakes,” says Josh Beadel. 

The Beadel’s are gearing up for the grand opening of their next restaurant slated to open up in 2020.

By Claudia Bermudez

IG: claudiaabermudez