Port Sponsorships Awarded to Community Groups

A total of $376,000 was sponsored towards Long Beach Community groups by The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners. The community groups who received sponsorship are local groups that are helping to advance causes such as the arts, environment, social justice, and historic prevention. The abundance was able to be spread to a total of 124 sponsorships awards.  

Source: Port of Long Beach

More than $9 million has been given by the Port of Long Beach to the Long Beach community throughout the sponsorship program. This began in 2007 and it’s helping towards strengthening and empowering the community. The sponsorship helps support community groups’ events and projects that help make Long Beach a better place to work and live in. This also helps the Port better communicate about its projects and programs with local residents. 

Are you interested in having your community group be considered for sponsorship? Requests for sponsorships are open twice a year, in March and September. Recently, the board approved a $1 million budget for the program of the 2020 fiscal year that began on October 1st. 

Long Beach Harbor Commissioner President Bonnie Lowenthal said, “Long Beach has an abundance of wonderful organizations that produce impressive events and programs. We’re honored to be able to support them through our sponsorship program. It’s a way for us to strengthen our commitment to the community while bringing awareness to the Port’s important role in the region.”

Source: Port of Long Beach

Some of the events that have been funded by the help of sponsorships include Cambodia Town Culture Parade and Festival, The Shared Science 2002 Tech Girls Workshop, Long Beach Homeless Coalition’s LB Homelessness Ally Program, and the Community Action Team’s 30-Minute Beach Cleanups. Programs like these help to make the community stronger.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your community group be considered for sponsorship.

For more information on the Sponsorship Program and list click here

By Alejandra Salgado

Twitter: @alejandrasalpan

IG: @alejandra.salgado.rtv