Sewing Program for Kids and Adults returns to Inspyr Arts

Inspyr Arts, a professional art studio for kids located in the Broadway Corridor and recent graduate of LBCC’s 10,000 Small Businesses, is reviving the art of machine sewing by bringing back their popular sewing program, called Sew Inspyred.

“12 years ago, when Inspyr Arts opened its doors, I knew that I wanted to incorporate fashion and sewing as one of our programs. Drawing “fashion” inspired pictures as a kid became one of the catalysts of me pursuing art as an adult. I also wanted to bring back the disappearing art form of sewing to the community. Learning to sew has given me great respect for everyday things that I take for granted and as a mommy, it’s come in really handy. “ says Vicky Kosuda, owner of Inspyr Arts.

Inspyr Arts offered sewing for 8 years until lack of space and the growing digital arts program forced them to close the program. However, with the move to a larger location in 2018, it allowed them the ability to reopen the sewing classes.

“I’m really excited to start teaching the sewing classes. As a cosplayer (a person who dresses in comic, anime, or pop-culture characters) I enjoyed putting together a look and knowing that I created it to fit my body type. It’s always fun and empowering to see it all come together and know that I made it. I can’t wait to pass this along to my students.” says Aiko Baylon, Inspyr Arts Sewing Instructor. 

According to an article in blog Mindfood, some of the benefits of learning how to sew, are stress relief, provides a usable skill, improves hand-eye coordination, and helps promote brain growth. Inspyr Arts has already opened registration for their beginner’s adult sewing workshops being held on Sundays 01/19/20 with sessions starting at 10 am-12 pm and another from 1 pm-3 pm as well as youth beginners sewing workshops starting in February. For more information on class times and dates, go to or call 562.342.6172.