Long Beach City Covid-19 Update 4.23.20

By the Numbers (Long Beach only):

  • 518 positive results, including 43 people who are hospitalized and approximately 297* cases where people have recovered. 
    • 155 positive cases have been confirmed at a total of seven long-term care facilities in Long Beach, which includes sites with active cases, cleared cases and fatalities. These cases include both facility residents and staff members (who may not be Long Beach residents). 
  • There is a total of 27 fatalities:
    • All had underlying health conditions
    • 22 are associated with long-term care facilities
    • Three individuals were in their 50s, five were in their 60s, three were in their 70s and 16 were over 80 years old
    • 11 individuals were men and 16 were women 
    • At this time, to avoid risk to patient privacy, no further details will be provided

*Please note that, for low-risk patients recovering at home, recovery data is self-reported. The City will update this number to the best of its ability, but can only provide an approximate total.

Tracking the Curve:

  • Today’s information regarding positive cases, hospitalizations, and demographic breakdown is available online at www.longbeach.gov/COVID19 and in the City’s data dashboard (attached), providing the most up-to-date information available.
    • The increase in case/per 100K is due to the increase in cases and an update on the data set using the most currently available census data.

Today’s Highlights:

  • The Long Beach City Council extended the temporary suspension of street sweeping citations to begin enforcement on May 18, which is the Monday following the expiration of the City’s current “Safer at Home” order.
  • The Long Beach Public Library has launched a new webpage that connects families with online resources.

Safer at Home Order: