COVID-19 City Update: 5.22

By the Numbers (Long Beach only):

  • 1,513 total positive results 
    • Daily reporting of case counts continues to fluctuate due to heavy demand for testing (due to the wider scope of testing criteria) and backlog at various laboratories, causing delays in reporting.
  • Three Long Beach Firefighters have tested positive for COVID-19. The Firefighters work out of Fire Headquarters. One has since recovered and two are currently recovering at home in self-isolation. Two are residents of Long Beach and are included in the case count for the city and the other is not a resident.
  • A Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine employee has tested positive for COVID-19. The employee works in the Marine Bureau in a public-facing area. The employee is recovering at home in self-isolation. The employee is a Long Beach resident and is included in the case count for the city.
    • The City is only publicly reporting the case numbers associated with Long Beach first responders and employees who are on the frontlines of this pandemic who have daily, significant interactions with community members. Cases involving other City employees will not be publicly reported.
  • 70 fatalities
  • 60 people hospitalized 
  • Approximately 1,024 recovered (Please note that, for low-risk patients recovering at home, recovery data is self-reported)
  • Data snapshot is as of 12:01 a.m. today

Details Regarding Fatalities:

  • 55 are associated with long-term care facilities
    • This includes 2 fatalities reported today and 1 from yesterday
  • One individual was in their 40s, four individuals were in their 50s, 16 were in their 60s, 17 were in their 70s, 19 were in their 80s, and 13 were over 90 years old
  • 38 individuals were men and 32 were women 
  • All individuals had underlying health conditions
  • At this time, to avoid risk to patient privacy, no further details will be provided

Long-Term Care Facility Case Information: 

  • 431 positive cases have been confirmed at a total of 25 long-term care facilities in the city since the start of the pandemic (25 is a cumulative number; the Health Department is currently monitoring long-term care facilities with active cases). These cases include both facility residents and staff members (who may not be residents). Long Beach has a total of 93 long-term care facilities.
  • In line with the California Department of Public Health’s standard for listing skilled nursing facilities with positive cases, the City is listing facilities currently experiencing outbreaks (more than two cases of COVID-19) including counts for health care workers and residents (see attachment).

Tracking the Curve: 

  • Today’s information regarding positive cases, hospitalizations and demographic breakdown is available online at and in the City’s data dashboard, providing the most up-to-date information available. (see attachment)

Today’s Highlights: 

  • The Long Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to move forward an extension of an emergency ordinance that halts evictions for residential and certain commercial tenants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the press release.
  • Effective today, the City’s “Safer at Home” Order now allows the following to operate: All car washes; beauty supply shops to open storefronts; pet services (grooming, training, walking) to open storefronts; childcare for all people; in-person counseling, including faith-based, where online is not possible; residential cleaning services; limited Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings; small charters (crew of 2) and outdoor rental equipment; and gatherings in a single space for the sole purpose of preparing and facilitating live-stream or other virtual communications for members of an organization or association, including faith-based. All businesses able to operate under the Order must implement and post a Physical Distancing Protocol prior to operation.
  • Reminder: The City announced facility closures for the Memorial Day holiday. The Joint Information Center (media) and INFO Hotline (community) will close operations on Saturday, May 23, and Sunday, May 24. Both resources will operate on Monday, May 25, though we do not anticipate a press briefing on that day.

Orders of the Health Officer:

Past News Releases:

  • To view COVID-19-related news releases, visit the City Press Release Archive. Releases include information about economic relief, help for people experiencing homelessness and updates regarding City operations.

Joint Information Center:

  • The Joint Information Center (JIC) remains open during normal business hours, seven days a week: 562.570.NEWS (6397) or

Important Public Safety Announcements:

  • The City urges people to remain calm. Follow @LongBeachCity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and visit for guidance. Sign up for Alert Long Beach to receive emergency notifications.
  • Long Beach Police and Fire Departments remain fully committed to the ongoing City efforts to ensure the safety and health of its community members.

Who To Call & Additional Resources:

  • Up-To-Date Local Information on COVID-19: and @LongBeachCity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Highlights can be found using the hashtag #COVID19LongBeach. 
  • Media Inquiries: 562.570.NEWS (6397) or 
  • Business Information Line (normal business hours): 562.570.4BIZ (4249)
  • Public Information Line (normal business hours): 562.570.INFO (4636)
  • Health Providers:
    • Normal hours: 562.570.4302
    • After hours emergency only: 562.500.5537