Surge in Long Beach COVID-19 Cases

Official Statement by the City of Long Beach Health Department Regarding the Surge in COVID-19 Cases

As COVID-19 transmission rates continue to rise dramatically locally, regionally and across the state, the City of Long Beach is closely reviewing data coming in this holiday weekend related to the pandemic. The City is reporting an additional 191 cases from Tuesday. Long Beach-area hospitalizations have increased to 116, a 364% percent increase from November 1. Long Beach residents in the hospital have increased to 56, a 75% increase since November 1.

The City anticipates to report approximately 1,000 additional cases on Monday and Tuesday, an alarming number.

Given the amount of data left to analyze, the City will be reporting out all of its holiday weekend positivity rate, case rate and hospitalization data over the next couple of days. Health Order changes are expected after completing additional review of the data and trends of local transmission.