COVID-19 Vaccine LB 101: How to Get a Vaccine in Long Beach

Updated: 03.10.2021 at 11:00am

Who is eligible to get a vaccine?

According to VaxLB, there are not enough vaccines for everyone to take at this time, however they are anticipating vaccine availability toward the end of the year. Vaccination tiers are put into place to vaccinate those with the highest chance of getting COVID-19, and those at highest risk of getting very sick if they get it.

For a full guideline, please visit this link to the California Department of Public Health.

As of March 5th, 2021, individuals who are eligible to get a vaccination are:

  • Healthcare Workers
  • Long Term Care Facility Residents and staff
  • 65+
  • Government Emergency Response Workers
  • Food or Agriculture Workers (Dock Workers included)
  • Education and Childcare Workers

On Friday, March 5th, Long Beach Health Department will be holding a vaccine clinic at the Convention Center for Long Beach food and grocery workers. Over 3,000 restaurant workers, bodega and market employees, cooks, and anyone working directly in the food industry will be vaccinated on March 5.

As for those working in the restaurant industry, the city of Long Beach is making efforts to expand vaccine delivery. 

“We are contacting restaurants and markets directly to sign-up employees and pulling workers from our VaxLB system.” said Garcia.

We are currently in PHASE 1A

  • Healthcare Workers
  • Long-term care residents and staff


  • 65+ Years of Age – Currently Eligible
  • Residents 16-64 Years of Age with Physical or Developmental Disabilities – Currently Eligible
  • Government Emergency Response Workers – Currently Eligible
  • Education and Childcare Workers – Currently Eligible
  • Food and Agriculture Workers – Currently Eligible

How to sign up to get a vaccine?: 

If you are eligible for a vaccine and want to be notified when appointments are available, or if your group is not yet eligible and want to receive information on when it is your turn to receive the vaccine, please sign up on VaxLB and directly fill out this link 

Where to get a vaccine in Long Beach?:

At this time, COVID-19 vaccines are being administered at Long Beach Convention Center and select public sites‘ around Long Beach. Please make sure you are eligible and sign up for a vaccine notification to receive more information on where and when you can get your COVID-19 vaccine. 

Mobile Vaccination Teams are also available for locals who are homebound or have difficulty reaching vaccination clinics. For more information on how to receive an application for mobile vaccination please visit this link.

If you are in one of the following groups below, you may be able to book your appointment on . Slots may fill up quickly, so please keep checking back on that website as more slots open up.

How many doses of the vaccine can you get? What vaccines are available currently in California?

The vaccines we currently have are Pfizer and Moderna. At this time with the vaccines available, two doses are required. Depending on the vaccine you get, you may need to get the shots spaced three or four weeks apart.

For more information about each vaccine, please visit

When can you get a vaccine?:

Vaccines are currently subject to vaccine availability and may be limited per week. 

Want to know how to get notified when it is your turn to get a vaccine in Long Beach? Please visit 

Do I have to pay for the COVID-19 vaccine?

There are some health care providers who may charge you for a shot of the vaccine. Most public and private insurance companies may cover that fee so you may not have to pay for the vaccine. Please check with your insurance provider and with your vaccine provider to make sure if you have to pay out-of-pocket.

For more information or if you have additional questions, please email or call 562.570.INFO (4636)

By Dawn Perkins @dawnravens