Long Beach updates Housing Element Project

The Housing Element is a project that will help accommodate projected housing demands and improve the affordability of buying a home in the Long Beach area.

The city of Long Beach is in the process of updating their existing Housing Element to ensure that the city can meet the housing needs of Long Beach residents. The goal is to provide affordable and mixed-income housing for those interested in buying a house in the long beach area within the next eight years. The update also seeks to lessen the existing patterns of segregation and concentrated poverty in the area. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau the housing production has not kept up with population growth and housing demands. Taking a deeper look, the city of Long Beach is a city of renters. 61% of the households rent their homes and people of color are more likely to be renters in Long Beach. 

When looking at  a map of Long Beach you will find that most of Long Beach’s population is 72% people of color who live in West and North Long Beach. While Long beach is known for being much more diverse than other cities in the United States. The majority race in Long beach is Hispanics at 40.7% of residents. The next most common race is white at 29.5%. Coming in third is the black population at 12.9% and asians at 12.6%. 

Another major goal of the housing element is for those who aspire to own a home in Long Beach is to have the opportunity for home ownership. The price for a house in Long Beach is at times beyond financial means. Those who aspire to buy a home might feel discouraged to buy a home in Long Beach due to high prices and the amount of money they need to save for a down payment. 

Millennials, born between 1981 and 1996 would need more than 10 years to save down for a down payment in Long Beach. Gen Z-ers, born between 1997 and 2012 would need 19.5 years to save for a down payment for the recommended 20% down payment. 

Based on the information provided make sure to share your story and reach out to the city of long beach. The city is asking residents to give feedback to reflect the wants and needs of Long Beach residents.

By Kelly Ortega