City to Reveal New Pride Lifeguard Tower after Recent Fire Destroys Original

LB Officials are dedicating and unveiling a new Pride Lifeguard Tower that will be painted by LGBTQ+ LB Firefighters on Thursday at 5pm at the Beach.

This Thursday, June 10, the City of Long Beach is installing a new Pride Lifeguard Tower located at Shoreline Way and 12th Place. 

“I’m very proud to see our lifeguard tower back as a symbol of inclusion and love,” said Mayor Robert Garcia.

The new Pride Lifeguard Tower is being reinstalled at the beach after the last tower was found engulfed in flames early Tuesday morning of March 23rd.

Speculation of a hate crime was made by Long Beach officials after investigators found that the tower had no power source that could easily catch fire. An investigation is still underway for the cause of the fire.

The original Pride lifeguard tower was painted by LGBTQ+ lifeguards. The new tower will also pay homage to the LGBTQ+ community and be painted by the city’s lifeguards.

“Lifeguards are enthusiastic about having the Pride Tower back on the sand, in service and operational,” said Long Beach Fire Department Marine Safety Chief Gonzalo Medina. “The Pride Tower represents our unwavering commitment to our LGBTQ employees and to the diverse communities of Long Beach.”

The community is invited to engage in the dedication ceremony, which is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 10th.

“I’m also excited for the community process to expand features and amenities around the tower to make an even more active space,” said Garcia. Residents may expect more activities and events to take place close to the tower in the near future.


Dawn Perkins