Former Intern Turned City Prosecutor

Jericho Williams was part of a Long Beach intern program that started in 2015 and is now a city prosecutor.

Photo by Duke Givens

Williams grew up in Long Beach and went through the Long Beach Unified School District. He attended Long Beach Schools; Roosevelt Elementary, Monroe Middle, and Polytechnic High School. He was a wide receiver for Poly’s football team and graduated with honors.

Williams attended law school at the Western State College of Law and graduated in 2019. He served as a law clerk for both the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office and the Long Beach City District Attorney’s Office.

His law career grew from the city prosecutor intern program to law clerk to the city prosecutor position itself. William’s journey is a success story not just for himself but for Long Beach’s internship programs as a whole.

“Internships are a crucial step in the education of our youth,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a 2015 statement. “By offering internships to our students, we not only support their success, but we also increase the opportunities for graduates to stay in Long Beach and contribute to our economic development and growth.”

City Prosecutor Douglas Haubert began accepting interns that same year. Williams was one of them. He began his internship after graduating from UC Riverside. 

Williams had an interest in law as a teenager but with the goal of becoming a defense attorney. It was his time in Haubert’s office that made him want to be a prosecutor.

“Truth be told, what really interested me rightfully was a lot of the gang violence in my neighborhood,” said Williams to the Long Beach Post. “I knew I wanted to find something to deal with gang violence and homelessness.”

He is invested in seeing youth offenders change their lives and is working towards eradicating homelessness.

He grew up in the area represented by State Senator Lena Gonzales in the city council. She swore in Williams as a lawyer in a brief ceremony on July 1. Friends and family were in attendance. 

If you are looking for an internship for the city of Long Beach, please go here for more information. To qualify for an internship, you must be 18 years old and a student enrolled in college, university, or a graduate program with a GPA of 2.0 or higher, have an interest in learning about careers in local government, and meet any course requirements for a specific internship program. 


Casey Wilson