CSULB Student Hunter Lewis Lost at Sea While Creating Treasure Hunt

Hunter Lewis set sail on Dec. 31 in Trinidad Harbor and was not seen again after that day. 

The search and rescue efforts for Lewis were called off on Jan. 10, but friends and family continue to comb the beaches with the hope of finding something that may lead to his discovery.

“It is time for the family to look for some closure and begin to create space to grieve and heal. Although his body did not come back to us, Hunter will always be with us, living in our hearts and our memories,” said Lewis’ father Corey Lewis on a Facebook page dedicated to finding his son.

Lewis’ family has a love for creating treasure hunts. His father would often construct treasure hunts for his children throughout their childhood and Hunter took that love for adventure into adulthood. 

Although it is uncertain if Lewis was able to finish creating the treasure hunt he was putting together at the time of his disappearance, many people have decided to try to solve his treasure hunt, The Lost Lewis Treasure. 

Lewis created riddles that when solved lead to clues that were hidden around Humboldt county California that would eventually lead to the treasures he had hidden. The community that has rallied around the Lewis Family has been quick to uncover his clues and riddles but Corey Lewis feels the true lost Lewis treasure is his son. 

“His body may still wash up on the beach along with his other treasure items one day. So I am sure you will see me even years from now walking that rocky coast and looking out to sea and thinking about my son, Hunter, the lost Lewis treasure,” said Corey Lewis on the Facebook page.

Lewis’ sense of adventure was apparent throughout his life. He was studying Aerospace engineering at California State University Long Beach and was chair of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Long Beach. Lewis had dreams of becoming an astronaut and flew private planes in his free time. His friends remember him as enthusiastic and passionate. 

“I met Hunter in the dorms at CSULB our very first week of college and we became fast friends. Hunter was fun-loving, spontaneous, and hilarious. Just the sound of his laugh could make me burst into laughter myself,” said Regan Pate in a Facebook post.

A celebration of life for Lewis will be held on Sunday, Jan. 30 at the Arcata Community center in Arcata, California which is open to the public. The second celebration of life will be held on Feb. 7 at CSULB with details to be announced on the ‘Search for Hunter Lewis’ Facebook page. 

A Go-Fund-Me has been established to help cover search and rescue costs with all proceeds going to Lewis’ parents Corey and Micki Lewis. 

By Morgan Trivitt

Photo Courtesy of Facebook