Individual poses as Long Beach Water employee

 LONG BEACH, CA – Long Beach Water posted on its Twitter account on Jan. 21 that it had received reports of individuals visiting residents’ homes posing as City contracted vendors. 

The individuals were telling residents that the tap water was unsafe and that they needed to buy water filters that they provided immediately.

According to Long Beach Water, no health emergencies or contaminated water is affecting the tap water, and it is safe to consume.

After the impersonation report, Long Beach Water tweeted that no employee will show up unannounced and to always ask for identification when someone comes to your home.    

A report was filed with the Long Beach Police Department about the individuals, and it turns out that the pair of impersonators do work for a legitimate water filtration company.

The individuals denied the accusations that they told residents that they were sent by the city according to Chris Garner, Long Beach Waters general manager.

“Long Beach Water employees will be in uniform and will all have a badge to help identify themselves,” said Garner.

The individuals did not have a specific area of Long Beach that they were targeting as the reports came from all over the city. 

Garner emphasized “to never open your door to someone you don’t know,” and to “always ask for identification if the individual claims to be a city employee.”

The impersonators are not alone however as this type of malpractice has happened before.

Individuals may target residents claiming that they are contracted to do work by the city, and urge citizens that they need to let them work on their homes. This may scare some residents into thinking that this work is legitimate.

Remember to never let someone in your home you do not know and always ask for identification. If still unsure, you may call the presiding entity and confirm that they sent out an employee for a legitimate reason.

By Joshua Villas