The Kilroy Star Lights Up Long Beach for Black History Month

The Kilroy star has dedicated a special red, green and gold light program to celebrate Black History Month at the Kilroy office campus AERO Long Beach. 

The Kilroy Star, commissioned by real estate developer John Kilroy, has been shining in Long Beach since 2020 with the goal of inspiring hope during the Coronavirus pandemic. Kilroy Realty dedicates the Kilroy Star to a variety of non-profit organizations, major holidays, and events to help spread awareness and bring joy to surrounding communities. 

“The Kilroy Stars originated to inspire communities and uplift hearts and hopes in 2020. In the spirit of sharing this art initiative with more communities, we knew bringing one of The Kilroy Stars to Aero would bring joy to the commuters and residents in Long Beach,” said Kilroy’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Shannon Knuth. 

The Kilroy star was created by Engineered Artworks, famous for their art installations seen at Burning Man. The Kilroy Star is not only featured in Long Beach but also shines in San Diego and Austin, Texas. Previous installations of the Kilroy Star have also been in Seattle and San Francisco. The stars are around 20 feet in diameter and have over 30,000 programmable LED lights. Kilroy Realty maintains their commitment to art through their Kilroy Stars project as well as their 50 public art pieces throughout their west coast real estate properties. 

The Kilroy star will spend the remainder of the month lit up in red, white, and blue to celebrate the closing of the Winter Olympics and in observance of President’s Day. Beginning in March, the Kilroy Star will be lit up in purple to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Previous light programs seen on the Kilroy stars have been a red display in honor of The American Heart Association, pink to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and blue and gold in celebration of the LA Rams recent Super Bowl win. 

“With more and more people discovering the Star every day, we hope to keep this ever-growing audience engaged through dynamic light displays. We’re continuously developing new programming to illuminate the Star in distinct hues and purposeful patterns, with each new sequence holding a specific meaning— from holidays and observances to partnerships and current affairs,” said Knuth. 

The best views of the Kilroy Star can be seen from the 405 freeway and atop the parking garage at Kilroy’s AERO campus on Kilroy Airport Way near the Long Beach Airport.

By Morgan Trivitt