Long Beach Rescue Mission receives Van Donation from Long Beach Honda

LONG BEACH, CA – Long Beach Honda recently donated a new van to the Lydia House at The Long Beach Rescue Mission. The van will be used to help transport the mothers and children who reside there to appointments, school, daycare, and other errands as needed.

Long Beach Rescue Mission, who is dedicated to helping individuals overcome homeless, make and accomplish goals, and make a difference in today’s society, was ecstatic to receive the donation. 

Honda Corporate reached out to the general manager of Long Beach Honda, David Nehrir, who agreed to purchase and donate a silver 2019 Honda Odyssey LX.

Long Beach Honda has a program called We’re Here For You, directed and operated in Utah, where every store donates and helps a non-profit in need. The program helps non-profits with things like food, Thanksgiving dinner for shelter homes, new playgrounds for daycares, and even new paint jobs for schools. 

When the opportunity came up for the van donation, Long Beach Honda decided it would be a great opportunity to help. The Rescue Mission was overjoyed by the donation and received several compliments and comments from the team, as well as from the residents who won’t have to worry about transportation to various appointments.

“The women there were jumping up and down for joy,” said Regional Marketing Director with Long Beach Honda Bryan Lawrence. 

“We knew it was going to be impactful, but I don’t think we realized how impactful it was going to be. It was great seeing the relief of these women who on a day to day have to plan out public transportation,” he added. 

Aside from the families now having transportation to necessary appointments, they will also have the ability to participate in recreational activities such as going to parks. 

The We’re Here For You program comes from the Ken Garff Automotive Group based in Salt Lake City, Utah, which has over 60 stores with ten stores in the Los Angeles Market. 

The brand strives to treat people right from its employees to customers to the entire community. Moving forward the employees at Long Beach Honda will continue to help the Long Beach Rescue Mission in future projects, any way they can. 

By Arlene Guerrero