Love You Long Beach Debuts Self-Defense Pop-up

Love You Long Beach is helping women in the Long Beach community feel safer with a Self Defense Pop Up.

Love You Long Beach is hosting a Women’s Self Defense Pop Up on April 9 in collaboration with RA Life Defense and Northeast Beauty Boutique. 

Love You Long Beach founder Nichole East feels events like this are especially important for women in the Long Beach community amidst growing violence in many neighborhoods. 

“Living in Long Beach and seeing what has been going on as of late I think it’s just important for women to be aware of their surroundings and know that they do have options to protect themselves,” said East. 

The Pop Up will be held at The Bong Magreete Creative Space at 1700 East Broadway. Guests will learn how to properly use self-defense weapons from Northeast Beauty Boutique and will get to participate in a self-defense demonstration from Professor Zahalea Anderson of RA Life Defense. 

Professor Zahalea Anderson is a certified Master Instructor of the Sanuces-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu style of Martial Arts. Anderson operates RA Life Defense at the Urban School of Self Defense and trained under Sanuces-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu founder Moses Powell. Anderson’s 30 minute self defense demonstration will feature Jiu-Jitsu based movements anyone can use to protect themselves. 

On top of the demonstration from Professor Zahalea, Northeast Beauty Boutique will give guests a demonstration of many of the self-defense items they offer. Guests will also be given access to information on how to properly use self-defense weapons such as pepper spray to protect themselves. Purchases of self-defense equipment and much more can be made by going to @northeast_beautyboutique on Instagram. 

“The whole point of this pop-up is to communicate with each other on strategies that we are using to keep each other safe and to look out for each other,” said East. 

With crime rates across Long Beach continuing to rise since the beginning of the year, many people are seeking out resources for self defense. The Women’s Self Defense Pop Up gives women in the Long Beach area a unique opportunity to create a better sense of community while learning how to better protect themselves and their loved ones. 

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By Morgan Trivitt