Long Beach-based Company donates Medical Supplies To Ukraine

Worksite Labs will be donating two portable medical clinics, a medical laboratory, and COVID-19 testing materials to assist with Ukraine’s medical needs in areas that have been affected by war.  

Workers discuss plans for Heart-to-Heart / Photo courtesy of WorkLabs

The Long Beach-based diagnostic testing company will also be sending 4,800 meals and 3,600 hygiene kits donated by partners Clinic in a Can and Heart to Heart International alongside the mobile-clinic containers.  The medical clinics are designed to provide general medical care, basic diagnostic services, and COVID-19 antigen testing.  There will also be a space for patient care where the medical clinics enable care options to hard-to-reach areas with little to no resources. 

“The donation furthers our mission to increase access to healthcare”, says Gary Frazier, co-founder, and CEO of Worksite Labs. “We are grateful to be in a position to have the portable medical technology and facilities needed to help.”

Worksite Labs was founded early in the pandemic to increase access to healthcare.  Frazier and the rest of the company recognized that the traditional lab model of collecting and processing COVID-19 data at one location was overwhelming. Worksite Labs purchased mobile technology to bring the lab where people needed results. 

Worksite Labs uses its portable technology to bring health care into vulnerable neighborhoods in the United States.  There are locations in areas such as South Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Brooklyn to provide COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and free preventative health screenings to residents. 

With this model of using mobile labs to reach people in need, Worksite Labs Vendor Clinic in a Can has outfitted medical clinics for many crisis situations.  One of these situations is providing relief to Ukraine.  This particular donation launches a campaign to raise funds through Heart to Heart International to purchase similar medical clinics to donate to Ukraine and fill the needs of medical facilities. 

With Clinic in a Can being the primary vendor for Worksite Labs, there will be a group of volunteers from the Clinic in a Can that will be headed to Slovakia to help with the efforts. 

“Volunteers will be making their way via Kansas City to Slovakia”, said Frazier.  “Collaborating with non-profits on the ground and in communication with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the units will then move to a safe destination where there is a need.”

For more information on Worksite Labs and its mission for easier access to healthcare, please visit www.worksitelabs.com.  

By Nick Vargas

Photo courtesy of Worksite Labs