Long Beach City College addresses Threatening Message received on April 25

LONG BEACH, CA – In a statement from Long Beach City College released on April 26, the College with the help of the Long Beach Police Department has deemed a threatening message received on April 25 as “not credible at this time.”

See full statement below:

Last night, Long Beach City College received a threatening message at our College. All threats are taken seriously and we immediately alerted Long Beach Police Department.

LBPD has determined that the threat is not credible at this time. We are grateful for the assistance of the Long Beach Police Department’s swift response in this incident. We will continue to work with LBPD to ensure the safety of our campus community.

LBCC is also thankful for the quick action of the LBCC employees who discovered the message.

All LBCC operations, including classes, will continue as usual. LBPD will provide additional patrols on campus while this situation is in effect.

The investigation is still ongoing. We defer to the Long Beach Police Department regarding any specific questions on the investigation.