CANstruction Long Beach: Pet Edition supporting Animal Rescue Organization

CANstruction Long Beach: Pet Edition will begin construction on June 17 at Trademark Brewing starting at 7 A.M. 

The structure being built will be themed after the popular children’s show Blue’s Clues and will consist of around 4,000 cans of dog food. The structure will be built by P2S Inc. Engineering who will have a limited timeframe to build the structure. 

“We’ve spent months designing our Blue’s Clues structure and are allowed only 12 hours to meticulously stack and color-coordinate the cans into our design. Being an animal lover myself, the ultimate donation of hundreds of cans of pet food to Sparky & the Gang makes it all worthwhile to our team,” said Steven Peterson of P2S Inc. Engineering. 

The build day event will benefit Sparky & the Gang animal rescue. Dogs that are available for adoption will be at the event for meet and greet. Sparky & the Gang hope that the event will help some of their pets find their forever homes. More information about Sparky & the Gang can be found at

“This unique event will bring awareness to our continuing work to find homes for the rescued pets we care for, low cost spay and neuter services from Fix Long Beach Pets, and perhaps find forever homes for some of the dogs following the event,” said Sparky & the Gang Executive director Sherri Stankewitz. 

CANstruction Long Beach has been in operation since 2014 and aims at fighting hunger through canned food donations. The CANstruction Long Beach: Pet Edition event will be donating canned dog food to Sparky and the Gang to aid in feeding the shelter’s pets. 

The CANstruction foundation holds events across the country with citywide competitions where different groups can come together to see who can build the best canned food structure. After the event all the food is donated to local food banks. Events like this have taken place in cities like Houston Texas and Reno Nevada who both have donated record amounts to food banks in their areas. 

CANstruction also holds an international building contest with winners in categories like structural integrity, original design, and most cans used in a design. CANstruction has raised around 82 million pounds of food through their various events. 

The structure being built on June 17 will be available to view from June 17 through 26 during Trademark Brewing’s normal business hours. Trademark Brewing’s operating hours can be found at

By Morgan Trivitt