DeForest Park Association hosts its 35th annual “National Night Out”- A Taste of North Long Beach

LONG BEACH, CA – The DeForest Park Association will host its 35th annual “National Night Out” – A Taste of North Long Beach on August 2 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in two different locations. 

The first is the Long Beach Dairy and Creamery Historic Landmark at 167 E. South Street.

National Night Out- A Taste of North Long Beach is a community-driven gathering that encourages relationship building with neighbors and police. LBPD personnel will be present to engage with local residents in both locations.

 In a recent interview Dan Pressburg, president of the DeForest Park Association said that “25 members of Long Beach Police Department will join us at the South location, as well as several board members of the DeForest Park Association.”

The second location will host four different food trucks located at 60th and Atlantic Avenue; Cheesus Christ, Foreign Xchange, Cravings on Wheels, and a taco truck.

To RSVP you may call the DeForest Park Association at 562-294-6255 or Dan Pressburg at 562-572-1602.

The DeForest Park Association was the first neighborhood in all of Long Beach to form its own neighborhood association according to its website

The DeForest Park Association website also highlights a lot of DeForest Park amenities such as; “a 24-acre park running alongside the LA Riverbed with a club house, restrooms, baseball diamonds, basketball, tennis and racquetball courts, sand volleyball court, horse trails, a nature trail, and a bike path”.

By participating in DeForest Park Associations National Night Out event, residents will be strengthening ties with their neighbors and ensuring the safety of their local communities.

The DeForest Park organization also hosts chili cook-offs between local police and fire departments, pancake breakfasts, and meetings to help support local youth academically according to Dan Pressburg.

For more about the DeForest Park Neighborhood Association, visit their website here. 

By Joshua Villas