Flash Mob Fight, Teen Shot in Downtown Long Beach

Late Saturday afternoon, a fight and chaos unfolded in the vicinity of Long Beach Pike as hundreds of teenagers congregated for a planned meetup, leading to at least one fight and a shooting, according to authorities.

The Long Beach Police Department (LBPD) revealed that just hours before the violence erupted, they were already aware of a gathering scheduled for the Pike Outlets area in Downtown Long Beach. In response, additional police resources were deployed to the area in an effort to ensure the safety of all visitors and to deter any unlawful activities, as stated in a departmental announcement.

At approximately 5:40 p.m., a physical altercation ensued between a woman and a girl at Bay Street and Aquarium Way within the Pike vicinity, with LBPD officers swiftly intervening to halt the altercation. Both individuals involved in the altercation were subsequently arrested.

As the situation escalated, law enforcement authorities utilized loudspeakers around 6 p.m. to disperse the teens from the area, warning them of potential trespassing charges as retail and entertainment establishments in the Pike closed their doors early.

Subsequent news footage captured by a videographer from OC Hawk and lbcode3media depicted the altercation between the two females, their subsequent arrests, and a male, presumably a teenager, being placed into an ambulance. Reports indicate that the male had been shot at approximately 6:26 p.m. following a dispute among multiple juveniles.

The shooting incident occurred a few blocks north of the Pike at 1st Street and The Promenade, resulting in the male victim sustaining a gunshot wound to the leg. Prompt police intervention and first aid efforts were undertaken until paramedics arrived, after which the victim was transported to a hospital, where he was listed in stable condition.

Authorities confirmed the recovery of evidence, including shell casings, at the shooting scene. However, no immediate information regarding a suspect was available, according to the police.

The circumstances leading up to the gathering, altercation, and shooting remain unclear. Witness accounts from the news footage depicted a scene of chaos as teens were seen fleeing the area.

In response to the incident, LBPD announced plans for increased patrols throughout the evening as investigations into the matter continue.