LBPD Identify Man Shot and Killed Doing Yard Work

Long Beach Police identified Mario Moreno Morales, 51, of Long Beach, who was fatally shot while doing yard work at his residence near Lime Avenue and East 61st Street Thursday evening.

Witnesses reported he was using a leaf blower when shots were fired, resulting in a head injury. Another individual sustained gunshot wounds to the lower body but is expected to recover.

Homicide detectives were immediately dispatched to the location to commence their investigation. Preliminary findings suggest that the assailant(s) discharged multiple rounds towards the victims. However, investigators currently do not believe that the deceased victim was the intended target of the shooting. The motive behind the violent act remains unknown.

Upon initial response, law enforcement apprehended three male subjects in the vicinity, with one found in possession of a firearm. Subsequently, one of the subjects was arrested. However, the extent of their involvement in the incident is yet to be determined and remains subject to ongoing investigation.