Long Beach Covid-19 Update: 3.31

By the Numbers (Long Beach only):

  • 123 positive results (total includes individuals who have recovered)
    • One death within the city reported March 23

Tracking the Curve

  • The Joint Information Center is working on providing a new chart for future editions of the Daily Media Update that will align with current, internal tools used by the Health Department. Stay tuned.

Today’s Highlights:

  • The Health Department is conducting one drive-through testing center for at-risk populations that are on the frontlines of this pandemic. This includes healthcare workers and first responders. This is done by appointment only at the referral of healthcare providers. Based on limited resources at this time, this is not an open testing location for the general public. Approximately 25-30 tests are conducted daily at this location.

Safer at Home Order

Economic Relief

Help for People Experiencing Homelessness

City Operations/Public Safety

Important Public Safety Announcements

  • The City urges people to remain calm. Follow @LongBeachCity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and visit longbeach.gov/COVID19 for guidance. Sign up for Alert Long Beach to receive emergency notifications.
  • Long Beach Police and Fire departments remain fully committed to the ongoing City efforts to ensure the safety and health of its community members. The City is working to supply every public safety professional going out on a call with personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of both the first responder and the public.
  • This public health emergency has no impact on the quality or supply of Long Beach’s tap water and should not disrupt water or sewer service to Long Beach Water’s customers.
  • The Long Beach Water Department is asking the public to refrain from flushing paper towels and wipes, including disinfectant wipes and wipes labeled “flushable.” These do not break down the way toilet paper does and can quickly cause sewer clogs, backups and spills.
  • The City encourages everyone to create a family action plan. Designate a room to separate sick household members from others; ensure access to medication, food and other essentials; and create an emergency contact list. Check on the needs of elderly family members and neighbors. Additional info can be found at ready.gov.

Who To Call & Additional Resources:

  • Up-To-Date Local Information on COVID-19: longbeach.gov/COVID19 and @LongBeachCity on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Highlights can be found using the hashtag #COVID19LongBeach. 
  • Media Inquiries: 562.570.NEWS (6397) or jic@longbeach.gov 
  • Business Information Line (normal business hours): 562.570.4BIZ (4249)
  • Public Information Line (normal business hours): 562.570.INFO (4636)
  • Health Providers:
    • Normal hours: 562.570.4302
    • After hours emergency only: 562.500.5537