Pacific Gateway to Launch New ‘Work Long Beach’ Program

The City of Long Beach has launched a program that matches people who are unemployed or underemployed with potential employers. The online platform, hosted by Pacific Gateway and called “Work Long Beach,” allows individuals to offer a full range of skills for the hours that they choose to work. This virtual labor market is built around control for work-seekers, and for businesses, it delivers a flexible, quality workforce aligned with ever-changing local needs.

Due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program is currently matching out-of-work childcare professionals with families and essential personnel, including low-income families and those in public safety and healthcare.

“Our hope is that all of the families who provide critical services and risk their lives for our community are able to obtain the childcare that they need during this health crisis,” said Mayor Robert Garcia.

With schools, parks and other children-serving facilities closed, and private organizations temporarily laying off workers, the City recognizes a surplus of certified individuals who are out of work. Additionally, with Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) schools closed through May 3, there are many children in need of supervision. Highly qualified staff from the City of Long Beach’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine, the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach and YMCA of Greater Long Beach who have undergone background checks will have opportunities to continue working by providing in-home supervision of daily activities for school-aged children.

This new, award-winning technology platform from Long Beach’s workforce board, Pacific Gateway, is uniquely positioned to efficiently deploy workers that have flexible or irregular schedules. With strict adherence to health guidelines, all workers will be screened for health safety in addition to standard background clearance.

Qualified childcare workers may immediately begin the registration process by calling 562-570-3702 or visiting:

All pre-screened and qualified workers who can provide in-home childcare, including LBUSD’s VIP volunteers, are encouraged to register.

Once workers have completed the initial registration process, a City employee will review all background information and, if approved, enter that person into the program database. Families and parents can also use the program to search for available childcare workers and view availability and rates.

The original plan for “Work Long Beach” was to enable those employed in service industries to gain control of their work–life balance, determine their own schedule and achieve full employment by providing services at multiple businesses. As it transitions from emergency response toward rebuilding our economy, the program will serve as the City’s public resource for distributing the available labor to available workers.

“Work Long Beach” is powered by CalFLEXI, a collaboration between Pacific Gateway Workforce Partnership, the non-profit arm of Pacific Gateway and Cambrian College, a community non-profit established by Long Beach based Cambrian Home Care. Cambrian Home Care is providing certified care workers for childcare services to essential workers throughout hospitals in our region.

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