Wild police chase of a stolen U-Haul truck ending in North Long Beach

Wild police chase of a stolen U-haul truck that started in Buena Park and ended at Scherer Park in North Long Beach around 9:30pm on Monday night.

California Highway Patrol chased the vehicle on the 22 freeway and 405 freeway where they hit a spike strip and exited in Long Beach. The U-Haul continued northbound on Long Beach Blvd. losing all tread on its tire and riding on the front left rim.

The driver led CHP up and down Long Beach Blvd for about 30 minutes hitting another spike strip head southbound. The U-Haul then turned into the Scherer Park parking lot.

The U-haul truck continued on the damaged wheel then struck a parked vehicle and made another U-turn before coming to a stop in the park grass. The driver and a passenger were quickly taken into custody. The police pursuit lasted about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the investigation is ongoing.