222 Migrant Children Reportedly Reunited with Sponsors

Nearing one full month of operations, the Long Beach Convention Center, currently occupied by HHS to house migrant children, has reportedly reunited a total of 222 children with sponsors as of Monday, May 17.

The HHS describes a sponsor as either an immediate/distant relative or “others who may be qualified to care for an unaccompanied alien child.”

As this facility is a federal operation, not City, census information regarding the total number of children at the facility and their reunifications is disclosed to Mayor Garcia’s office directly at the discretion of the HHS and ORR on a weekly basis.

The latest update from the City states that there are a total 535 children at the facility awaiting reunification.

In addition to general census information, the City has included in their weekly report the total number of Covid-19 cases present within the population of migrant children being held in the facility. Currently, 12 children in HHS care at the facility are testing positive for the virus. Their conditions are unknown.

The City has organized several avenues for community support of the children being held at the facility. In cooperation with HHS restrictions and policies, community members are being asked to initiate correspondence with the children through a letter-writing campaign. Letters will be accepted until Saturday, May 22. More information on locations and requirements for letters can be found at longbeach.gov. Those interested in becoming a sponsor for one of the children being held at the facility can find details and requirements for the application process at HHS.gov.


Daniel Drake