Justice-Impacted Women’s Mental Health Workshop This Friday

Join Ronnie’s House for our “How to increase Mental Health Support for Justice Impacted Women” on April 29th, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. This workshop will focus on why women have become the fastest-growing population being impacted by the justice system and how we can increase mental health access while being incarcerated and after release.

This roundtable is a part of the Ronnie’s House – 2nd Annual Reentry Keys Summit that focuses on Women’s Mental Health, Technology, Economics, and Justice Impacted Veterans. The summit’s main goal is to continue bringing together the voices of those who have been Justice impacted alongside Reentry Service Providers, and Local Government Leaders to decrease Recidivism.

The Summit will open with “The State of Reentry,” a round-table that brings together all Reentry stakeholders, with our Justice Impacted community, to discuss how we advance best practices and address policy changes needed to continue the work.

Last Year’s Summit hosted 100 community members, with Assemblyman Mike Gipson joining the discussions with our Justice Impacted community.

This year’s summit is co-sponsored by The Port of Long Beach, 729 Agency, The LBC Barber and Beauty Association, Ronnie’s House, and The American Legion.

Visit www.reentrykeys.com or call 1 855 530 KEYS (5397) to learn more.