City of Long Beach Unveils Queen Mary Update, Charting Course for Iconic Ship

Long Beach, CA – The City of Long Beach has released a comprehensive update on the iconic ship’s progress. Since its limited reopening in December 2022 and grand reopening in June 2023, the Queen Mary has welcomed over 118,000 visitors, marking a significant milestone in its revitalization journey.

Mayor Rex Richardson expressed excitement about the ship’s achievements, stating, “The iconic Queen Mary continues to capture the hearts of so many people from around the world. We’re thrilled to share the remarkable achievements made since its reopening. We envision an even brighter future for the Queen Mary and adjacent land with plans for future development that will further elevate its status as a premier tourist destination.”

Following the City’s full control of the Queen Mary in 2021, in partnership with Evolution Hospitality, extensive efforts have been made to restore the ship to its former glory. Over 25 major projects and improvements have been completed, focusing on structural stability, safety enhancements, and enhancing the guest experience.

Councilwoman Mary Zendejas emphasized the ship’s importance to the community, stating, “This iconic landmark holds a special place in the hearts of Long Beach residents and visitors alike, and we are committed to ensuring its continued success and preservation.”

Steve Caloca, General Manager for Evolution Hospitality, shared his enthusiasm for the Queen Mary’s resurgence, highlighting new experiences and amenities onboard. He said, “The Queen Mary’s brightest days are ahead of Her! From new art deco floors and staircases in the Main Hall to the restored Observation Bar overlooking our beautiful city of Long Beach, there is so much to do when visiting the Queen.”

Financially, the Queen Mary’s outlook has improved significantly, with an optimistic forecast for the 2024 fiscal year. Anticipated earnings of approximately $3.6 million from hotel, attractions, and special events activities, along with an additional $4 million from the Carnival Dome and parking garage revenues, reflect the ship’s resurgence.

A significant portion of reopening costs, totaling approximately $45 million, has been supported by revenue generated from the Queen Mary or related subleases, along with contributions from the City’s partnership with the Port of Long Beach and Tidelands Funds.

Looking ahead, plans for expanded operations, attractions, and preservation projects are in motion. Hotel capacity has doubled to 200 guestrooms, and various operational improvements have been implemented. Additionally, upcoming preservation and refurbishment projects will ensure the ship’s longevity as a historic and cultural resource.

The City Council has allocated resources to position the Queen Mary for long-term success and explore development opportunities for the adjacent property. Automated parking improvements and plans for a temporary amphitheater are among the initiatives to enhance guest experiences and stimulate tourism.

A formal study will be conducted to explore potential development opportunities, including a permanent amphitheater, marina, and improved cruise terminal, reflecting the City’s commitment to maximizing the Queen Mary’s potential as a world-class entertainment venue.

As the Queen Mary continues to sail towards a brighter future, Long Beach remains committed to preserving its rich maritime history and ensuring its legacy for generations to come.

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