Car Drives into Pacific Ocean in Long Beach

Late-Night Incident: Vehicle Submerged at Molino/Ocean Blvd Prompts LBFD Response

In the early hours of the morning at around 2:00 AM, the Long Beach Fire Department sprang into action following reports of a vehicle plunging into the water at the intersection of Molino and Ocean Blvd.

Rescue divers swiftly deployed from the Rescue Boat to the scene, executing a meticulous search operation. They located the submerged vehicle, ensuring that no passengers were trapped inside or in the vicinity of the car.

City tow services were called to the location to extract the vehicle from its watery predicament, bringing a swift resolution to the incident.

The circumstances leading to the vehicle’s immersion remain under investigation, with authorities yet to disclose any further details regarding the incident.

Residents and commuters are reminded to exercise caution and adhere to traffic regulations, especially during the late hours of the night, to prevent such occurrences in the future.